Saturday, December 27, 2008

Princess Caroline on J-Lo

Caroline Kennedy:
I admire the journey J. Lo has traveled. I've been to a school in the Bronx near the house she grew up in and so I actually have a lot of admiration for her and she looks pretty good but in terms of public policy and as we spend our adults lives and I don’t think there is really much we have in common.
"I've been to a school in the Bronx . . ." Yeah, and I've been to a bar in the East Village. So what?

That's from an interview Caroline did with a New York TV station. Allahpundit has more.

UPDATE: Associated Press:
Since Kennedy's name first surfaced as a possible replacement for Clinton, her advisers have shielded her from the media, with the exception of a few brief interviews on a swing through upstate New York and a visit to Harlem with the Rev. Al Sharpton. Some commentators likened her to Sarah Palin in the way her dealings with the media were being carefully managed.
Except, as Allah notes, when she finally talks to the press, Kennedy doesn't get a pop quiz about the Bush doctrine. Still, there is a valid point here about media relations: The "avoidance" strategy is always a bad idea in politics. If you can't handle an impromptu 20-minute press conference, why should voters believe you can handle the responsibilities of high office?

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