Friday, December 26, 2008

Only in Texas

A Lone Star Christmas:
A naked man who was banging on doors and windows at a northside [Houston] apartment complex died Wednesday after being shocked by Tasers at least three times during a confrontation with Harris County sheriff's deputies, authorities said.
About 4 a.m., deputies received calls from residents at the apartments in the 200 block of Dominion Park near Kuykendahl.
Investigators said the 46-year-old man was randomly knocking on doors and windows and yelling while walking around the complex. At one point, he kicked open a front door and briefly went inside an occupied apartment, officials said.
The resident "did not know who he was," said Lt. John Legg of the Sheriff's Office.
When you get so high you don't know who you are, you must be in Texas -- where the sheriff's department is authorized to Taser you out of existence.


  1. Not much different from one of the fine citizens of Texas fearing for their life applying the Castle Doctrine when he kicked open a door.

  2. Thank God I live in Texas where your right to be stupid does not mean I have to put up with your crap. That includes running around naked and kicking in doors.

  3. I am a big proponent of the castle doctrine and gun ownership, BUT, the guy was naked. Obviously he wasn't armed. How many times have we heard about someone getting vapor lock while being tasered. They would have been better off giving him a wood shampoo or just tackling him/using unarmed techniques to subdue. While I don't do stupid things as such, I am glad I don't live in Texas. Seems like stupidity abounds on both sides of the law.

  4. Wait just one minute... If you want tasering of maked people, Florida is as guilty, though they didn't taser the girl to death. (tiny url:

    And the problem in the Houston case is the same as in two recent California cases, multiple taser hits. (tiny url:

    There are two aspects to the issue; the humorous where stupid people do stupid things and get the electric hammerlock, and the issue of crucial importance to regular citizens of just what regulations should govern police use of this weapon with LETHAL consequences.