Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why the specifics of Obama's tax plan are irrelevant

Obama has repeatedly accused Republicans of misrepresenting his tax plan. Obama says he'll only raise taxes on households earning over $250,000 and that everybody else will get a tax cut.

But that's just his plan. It won't actually happen like that. Whatever tax changes are enacted will have to be passed through Nancy Pelosi's House and Harry Reid's Senate, and by the time they're done with it, God knows what we'll be looking at, but one thing's for sure: Obama won't veto it.

Democrats raise taxes, period. It's who they are and what they do. If you believe your taxes are too low, vote Democrat and they'll fix that problem.

Look, Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992 on a promise to pass a middle-class tax cut. Instead, he raised taxes on the middle class.

You vote for the man, you get the party, and when Americans voted for Bill Clinton -- and I was one of them, in '92 -- they might as well have been voting for Mike Dukakis or Ted Kennedy, as far as tax policy was concerned.

That's the big lesson of the Clinton years: Liberals run the Democratic Party, and when you put the Democrats in charge, you're not going to get that moderate, sensible, middle-of-the-road stuff they talk about during the campaign, you're going to get the crazy kookburger radical stuff they were talking about while they were passing the bong around in college 30 years ago.

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  1. I'd like to make two points.

    1) "But that's just his plan."

    Of course it is just his plan. All candidates running for office, any office, can only tell you about their plans. They haven't been elected yet so how can they tell you how exactly things will play out in the future.

    On that token, if we look at the candidate's records we can try to extrapolate but that is no guarantee or the future either. How do they phrase it in those investment commercials? Past performances are no guarantee for future returns....

    2) Tax & Spend Democrats...

    Isn't that a great tagline? Wouldn't we all like to have our cake and eat it too? But consider the alternative, like we have seen in the last eight years.

    Borrow & Spend Republicans...

    In our credit card centric society this option seems to be a lot more desirable to many people. Let's enjoy what we can right now and put the expenses on our tab. If you're old enough you'll probably die before you have to make serious payments to pay off your balance.

    But WHO will have to pay OUR debt? Would that be the next generation? Doesn't anybody realize that money borrowed now must be paid back with interest later? Hasn't anybody ever bought a house or a car on a loan and not expected the bank to come collect more than you borrowed?

    So what would you rather have? Be taxed now for our current expenses, or let the next generation pick up the tab with interest? What would YOU pick as a responsible adult?

    Simple math dictates that if we don't pay taxes now to cover the debt we will have to pay even MORE taxes in the future to cover the principal plus interest.

    "Tax & Spend" is actually a badge of honor, rather than the derogatory terms many people think it is.