Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Oh, for crying out loud, Andrew:
[M]y relentless vetting of Palin, specifically the bizarre facts in the public record about her fifth pregnancy. For my part, I stand by my skepticism of everything Sarah Palin says. To my mind, her constant public lies about almost anything, large and small, and the proximity of this strange, unvetted blank slate of a candidate to the Oval Office render all usual assumptions of good faith on the part of a candidate moot. The refusal of the McCain campaign to allow her to hold a press conference - unprecedented in modern American history - reinforces this skepticism.
Look, I completely agree that the McCain campaign's refusal to let her do a press conference is blunderheaded in the extreme, and have said so repeatedly. If Hillary could do a press conference the day after her godawful embarrassment in North Carolina, why couldn't Palin have done a press conference in the immediate aftermath of her selection?

But Team Maverick's self-defeating media strategery is no excuse to (a) accuse her of "constant lies" or (b) engage in utterly unsubstantiated speculation. That's not "vetting," that's a smear. Politics ain't beanbag, but why don't you leave the political smears to the people who are paid to do that sort of work? Why are you volunteering to do their dirty work for them? Or ... are you?

After all, if it's possible to believe that Palin faked a pregnancy to hide the birth of her grandchild, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that the Obama campaign is paying Andrew Sullivan to smear Palin. I mean, since we're just asking questions, isn't it only fair to ask why Sully is so incredibly diligent in spreading these bogus smears about Palin? And isn't it possible that the Obama campaign, which is collecting $66 million a month in contributions, has spent some of that cash to sweeten the pot for Sully?

Is Andrew Sullivan a hired stooge for the Obama campaign? Or is he a Satanic cannibal? (Maybe he's both, and the Obama campaign is supplying Sully with fresh corpses for his devil-worship rituals.) I'm just asking questions ...


  1. The idea of doing a press conference may have McCain feeling like Lot in Genesis 19, trying to figure out what the reasonable person would do to appease the people of Sodom.

  2. I think I've figured out Andrew Sullivan's problem.

    He's on his own- not in a closely supervised environment, and as is common with so many similarly psychologically challenged individuals, he's not taking his medication.

    I think if his affective disorder and bizarre ideation were properly controlled by a combination of anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs, and therapy, he could one day become a productive, functional member of society.

    Andrew, seek treatment immediately.

    No, I'm not a psychiatrist. I don't even play one on TV. But this guy is, in the words of a real psychiatrist friend of mine (sorry for the technical jargon), a "nut case."