Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The $11 Million Victim

Obama goes to Hollywood, raises a record $11 million and plays the victim:
"A lot of people have gotten nervous and concerned. Why is this as close as it is? And what's going on?" Mr. Obama said, speaking to about 300 people over dinner at the Greystone Mansion. "We always knew this was going to be hard -- this is a leap for the American people."
Oh, it's so hard to get elected when you're raising $66 million a month and the major media are completely in the tank for you. It's so hard when you're on the cover of Time magazine seven times in one year. It's so hard when Us Weekly is doing such vicious investigative journalism about you.

It's so hard when you get a sweetheart book deal at age 27. It's so hard when you're appointed to the board of a $49 million education reform project at age 34. It's so hard when the Chicago Tribune goes to court to have your Republican opponent's divorce records made public, so he's forced to drop out and you get a free ride into the U.S. Senate.

Maybe those rich Hollywood friends of yours are buying into this victimhood tale, buddy, but I think the ordinary American voter is gagging from the odor of rancid self-pity.

UPDATE: And, as notorious hatemonger Michelle Malkin points out, Obama's not only a victim, he's a half-black victim. Why does this make Michelle a notorious hatemonger? Because only liberals like Jack Cafferty are allowed to obsess over Obama's race:

Shorter Jack Cafferty: "We know you racist crackers won't vote for a black man, which means it's time to do our umpteenth special segment pointing out that Obama is, in fact, a black man."

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