Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to cover a Sarah Palin rally

If you want to work in the prestige media, you must follow these rules:

  • 1. Ignore the huge crowd -- in the fourth paragraph, Associated Press reporter Kathleen Hennessey notes that "roughly 5,000" were on hand to hear Sarah Palin in Carson City, Nevada. This is why the Associated Press is so much more prestigious than the Reno Gazette Journal, which reported: "An estimated 10,000 people were waiting at the Pony Express Pavilion in Carson City to see Palin at 6 p.m., according to Carson City Sheriff's Office estimates."
  • 2. Report critically -- Look for ways to portray her negatively. For example, if she uses a teleprompter during her speech, make sure to mention that. (Good work, Ms. Hennessey!) Never mind that in all the speeches that Obama has given from a teleprompter, the Associated Press has never once mentioned it.
  • 3. Work in the opponent's message -- Ms. Hennessey throws in coverage of an anti-Palin protest march in Anchorage:
    About two hours after Palin's speech Saturday, hundreds of people protesting the policies of Palin lined a busy Anchorage street, waving signs and chanting "Obama!"
    In addition to Obama supporters, the protesters included those who don't agree with Palin's positions against abortion, her support for the Iraq war and other issues. One woman held a sign that read, "I'm Bail'in on Palin!"
    Another said, "Pro Woman, Anti-Palin." Another read, "What About Healthcare?"
    "We're not alone. A lot of people are worried about the nomination of Sarah Palin," said rally organizer Angie Doroff, 46, as cars drove by honking their horns in support.
It is vitally important that Americans know that Sarah Palin is a dangerous opponent of A Woman's Right to Choose, and so when protesters show up at events to convey that message, be sure to report it.

Ignore any protesters who may show up at Obama events. Unless they're wearing hoods -- then that's your lead.


  1. 10,000....500,000....
    The question is: where are her speech writers?
    Why is she still rehashing her convention speech?
    Still using the Ebay lie. Still using the "bridge to nowhere" lie...yeah, thanks but no thanks.Heard it before...
    Does she have a mind of her own?
    Perssonally, I think that when she's out on the stump
    she sees thousands of Charlie Gibsons in the crowd...

  2. Don' forget get film of the "billions" of attendees at the Palin rally wearing their " jive turkey" shirts, yelling racial slurs, threatening people and generally acting like inbred low watt gurglers in cowboy hats.

    I can tell you since... I was there -- yes as a protestor... but seriously folks... there were NOT 10,000 people there. Yes there were a lot of people! My estimate would be about 4000 and many of us recognized our ( dem or lib) friends who whispered they were there for historical value... which...I can actually understand... especially when I realized just how backwater the people in this town are.. You better believe it! I felt like I was in a time warp-- I heard words I thought were not spoken anymore... My life and well being were threatened several times, but the weirdest part about all of it ...
    was that I could not get an intelligent reply out of any of them. I was either told to shut up my ***ger loving mouth or just threatened...--- how silly. -- but then again.. this is what is being taught to them... if you dont like something-JUST use violence, hatred LIES to stop it.

    I still challenge Sarah Palin to a PUBLIC open FORUM where she has to answer our questions ON THE SPOT!!!

    how about them apples.

  3. "The question is: where are her speech writers?
    Why is she still rehashing her convention speech?"

    It turns out that some people don't keep changing their opinions and the facts to suit the audience and the wind.

    They pretty much one story and they are teling it like it is.

  4. I'm a staunch McCain-Palin supporter but I think

    "Unless they're wearing hoods -- then that's your

    lead." is racist.

  5. Anonymous: If you have to explain a joke, it ruins the joke, but ...

    The point was to make fun of the MSM's desire to portray opposition to Obama as racist. Thus, if the Klan shows up "that's your lead." Get it?

  6. i'm just sorry that i wasted the last 5 minutes of my life reading some of these posts.

    tis is a totally pointless blog. u clearly have nothing to add to the conversation.


  7. neither you or your blog is WORTH A RAT'S ASS!

  8. Proof positive that you are on to something, McCain!

    A bright spot in the day.

  9. I take issue with "truthnow's" comments. I was the man selling "Jive Turkey" T-shirts. I heard nothing racist from the family crowd. You try to use the racist card but it won't stick. I would vote for a black man so long as they are not a Commie where flags with Che Guavarra are hung at TX campaign headquarters. I would vote for Alan Keys and he I do believe is a black man.

    Jive Turkey is not racist. Try looking it up on Wikipedia and educate yourself.

    I agree to only about 4000 people and about 50 rude protesters including a heavy set Obama coolaid drinker with a loudspeaker, which is probably truthnow.

    Sales of "Jive Turkey" shirts was very good. Its called Capitalism. I maake my own money and keep it, not invest or redistribute it like Obama. Regards, gun papa