Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Left-wingers hack Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account

UPDATED & BUMPED (AGAIN): How much farther into the tank for Obama can the Associated Press possibly get?
The disclosure Wednesday raises new questions about the propriety of the Palin administration's use of nongovernment e-mail accounts . . .
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? These hackers commit a federal felony and the AP says it "raises questions" about Palin?

Flashback -- Associated Press, November 1963:
The events in Dallas raise new questions about the propriety of the Kennedy administration's planning of its motorcade route . . .
Flashback -- Associated Press, December 1941:
The incident in Hawaii raises new questions about the propriety of the Roosevelt administration's selection of naval bases . . .
Journalistic malpractice, plain and simple.

UPDATED: Linked in Hot Air headlines. Thanks. Meanwhile (small universe) Michelle Malkin has an account of how this hack happened.

UPDATE II: Jeff Goldstein questions whether "left-wing" is a fair description of the hacker(s) who did this. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet that when the FBI makes an arrest in this case, a quick search of FEC records will reveal that the perp has zero donations to Republicans. Canadian Guy thinks he's identified the perp as a Memphis resident.

UPDATE III: "The bottom layer of the right-wing noise machine."

PREVIOUSLY: Alex Parene has some of the content at Gawker.

Needless to say, Michelle Malkin is (a) no fan of Gawker, and (b) a must-read on the tactics of the Palin Derangement Syndrome criminals. Yes, I said "criminals." Hacking private e-mail is a federal crime, and there is no amount of data-scrubbing that will prevent the FBI from hunting down these vermin and putting them in federal prison, where there is no parole.

ORIGINAL POST: Because they care so much about the "right to privacy," don't you know. What despicable, hypocritical vermin they are.


  1. They weren't left-wingers. It's an individual part of the Anonymous network. A network who usually goes after Scientologists.

    Here's the real information.

    Please don't spread lies.


  2. "They weren't left-wingers." -Anonymous

    Oops... sorry, we Conservatives get confused easily. When we see clear examples of situational ethics, we instantly think, 'Liberals' -- and that's really an unfair presumption. But hey, we're human! (Sorry.)

    ( - "... the ends can justify the means ...")

    ( - ' I could read your mail. Lots of hackers, too. And (probably) several government agencies. And some guy working minimum wage at Yahoo tech support.')

    ( )

  3. How likely is it that the law will pursue this? And if the law doesn't, what then?

    And what about gawker? Have they broken a law?

    This infuriates me!


  4. 4chan and these clowns are so screwed. So is everyone who's been posting screenshots, like Huffpo.

    The legal fallout from this is going to be spectacular.

  5. We all understand, that if you break the law to hurt a conservative, well, that's OKAY with the AP.

    If you phony up some pictures, well that's okay with the AP too.

    Conservatives, Republicans and Independents need to GET OUT and VOTE against these type of people. And lets get Harry and Nancy OUT of the leadership roles.

  6. hold on just because someone came up with a story an explanation we are supposed to believe that people who uses Anonymous as their designation are capable of cooking a story up. Isn't that what they do make up narratives and indentities? It doesn't matter and asking people not to spread lies who knows what the truth is? Because somebody posted something. I can't wait for it to hit the fan. I will wait for the FBI and the Secret Service who is in charge of protecting the Vice Presidential nominee including her personal property. Tell me what really happened. We can only hope the taint goes high and wide so we can all see the ink stains covering them. GAWKER is not out of the woods. Just because no one found anything incriminating. looking and stealing is INTENT. Who would have thought the Leftys would be so sloppy.

    so anonymous spread any version of what happen you want. I'll wait for the Official Statement from the FBI. What tools. they thought they could hack a Vice Presidential Nominee. Too Funny.

  7. "4chan and these clowns are so screwed. So is everyone who's been posting screenshots, like Huffpo.
    The legal fallout from this is going to be spectacular."

    Actually not. A Fed court case said those who had published the transcript of a stolen cell call were not liable. I think the only way someone like Huffpo gets in trouble is if they were part of the hack.

  8. "The disclosure Wednesday raises new questions about the propriety of the Palin administration's use of nongovernment e-mail accounts . . ."

    The Palin Administration? Did she cease being an individual when she was elected? What a bunch of hacks.

  9. There is a Mike Kernell Democratic Representative from Memphis. He is 57 years old and has two children. Is David Kernell his son?

  10. The legal fallout from this is going to be spectacularly unspectacular.

    Wed Sep 17, 09:33:00 PM


  11. And they wonder why McCain doesn't use email. You can't hack what doesn't exist!

  12. I personally think this is Obama's Watergate. I suspect The One knew all about it and ordered it done. Just sayin'...

  13. Okaaaay, so is turn about fair play? I blame the Obama team for this, and this is why. When a campaign sends out wire alerts encouraging and unleashing its minions to suppress speech on a radio show (think Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso), they are sanctioning a legion of nutsos to create mayhem. It opens the door and makes nastiness respectable. I think the hacking was just as irresponsible and adolescent as the Obama campaign was in sending out its supporters to squelch the free speech of Kurtz and Freddoso. To me, once slimy tactics are employed, sometimes people get ideas and take them a step further. While I do not in any concrete sense beieve the Obama psople were behind this, I just think they have created a cyber attack atmosphere where this could easily be seen as somehow legitimate.

  14. Dateline June 1972

    The events that transpired at the hotel raises new questions about Democrats' abilities preserve secrets.

  15. Exactly! A crime is committed and MSM thinks that it reflects badly on Palin. How can they possibly get everything so completely wrong?

  16. In April House minority leader John Boehner received a $1 million plus judgment against Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott for McDermott's disclosure of a tape of a cell phone conversation illegally intercepted by someone else. See The DC Circuit Court determined (5-4) that McDermott was not protected by the Supreme Court's decision in Bartnicki v. Vopper, which held that publication of matters of public concern was protected. The deciding judge in the DC Circuit argued that Bartnicki did not apply because McDermott violated a House rule by disclosing the cell phone tape.

    Note that, under Bartnicki, anyone who republished information illegally taken from Gov. Palin's email account probably may be held liable unless the information is of public concern. Family photos and the daughter's cell phone number, for example, are not likely to qualify, so I'd be concerned if I had posted the stolen information.

  17. It's not the FBI, it's the Secret Service investigating, which is even better.

  18. Oh, other McCain,

    Dean Dawson, state records manager, is working on an e-mail archive system for state employees, who tend to want to hang onto e-mail forever, he said. E-mail records should be kept as long as paper records of the same type -- for instance, three years for general correspondence, he said. Top executives such as commissioners and the governor often must keep records longer, under state schedules.

    Seems like the story here suggests that Palin's failure to retain her emails was illegal. Generally, I feel less sympathetic when a victim is also a criminal. Maybe we'll see some more journalism on this angle...

    And, as for using personal email accounts for public business in order to circumvent public records processes and possible legal actions - if it ain't illegal, it oughta be. In fact, I'm pretty sure it qualifies as obstruction of justice.

  19. Where was Chuck Schumer and where did his two assistants go to work?

    They've already put most of her SSN out.

    People have to understand, these are socialist tactics, done by someone stressed, they didn't think, at all.

    I guess next the O campaign will send out a guy to say Mc hacked it, sarcasm.

    Hey R.S., check it out:

  20. Holy cow. When I see that junk from the AP it kinda makes me look at them as being fairly suspect.

    I would think that the first ones that cry "it's her fault" are the first ones to get closer inspection.

    Glad you are following this story. And I enjoy the blog.

  21. It's sad that nothing you say is based in actual journalism, sir. It's easy to see when you baselessly accuse liberals of hacking into an email account. Last information break-in I heard of, it was your pal, Nixon. So I would with hold judgement until you get the actual facts.

  22. Flashback--August 2008:
    McCains selection of Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate raises new questions about Sen.McCain's mental stability.

    Did anyone see that townhall meeting?
    I'm sorry, I think reality is melting
    before my eyes...
    How does Gov.Palin's populist "philosophy"
    fit into the Conservative "philosophy" ?
    What I heard her say is fundamentally antithetical to what Conservatism is supposed to be. She kinda sounds like a liberal...
    So is this a redefinition of Conservatism or good ol' fashioned lip service?

    Anyway, I think Karl Rove is behind the Palin-email hack. Turd Blossom is such a cad.

    PS-GOP power words of the week:
    "Ruffle Feathers"
    "Do-Nothing Congress/Senate fill-in-the-blank"
    " Good Ol' Boys network/washington fill-in-the-blank"

  23. BN -

    Actually the last information break-in was Sandy Berger stealing documents from the National Archives by stuffing them down his pants...

    Care to try again?

  24. Not only is the AP trying to turn the blame back on her but it's nice to see the they are cooperating with the Secret Service...

    Hackers break into Sarah Palin's e-mail account

    Sep 17, 7:58 PM (ET)

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Hackers broke into the Yahoo! e-mail account that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin used for official business as Alaska's governor, revealing as evidence a few inconsequential personal messages she has received since John McCain selected her as his running mate.


    The Secret Service contacted The Associated Press on Wednesday and asked for copies of the leaked e-mails, which circulated widely on the Internet. The AP did not comply.

  25. First, the DNC War Room...then the Electoral aftermath.

    After Palin-eMail-Gate:
    Do you know what happens on November 5th?

    Warning! Uncensored, un-bowdlerized - with language torn from the pages of the Daily Kos and Pamela Anderson’s Mensa International application.

    (Shocking prediction starts at 4:07)

    NOW! With Bonus 2008 Electoral College Projection.
    Extra BONUS! George Santayana summarizes Senator Obama’s dilemma.

    Do German words matter?

    A secret meeting in Berlin.
    The crowds are gone.
    Only trusted party officials remain.
    The imminent sense of defeat
    rattles even the most battle hardened loyalists.
    It all seemed so close,
    so easy,
    victory in sight.

    What happened?

  26. Obama's Watergate??? If so, just follow the money to find him.

  27. Looks like it WAS a left-winger, who WAS trying to smear Palin, who when he failed to do it on his own got scared of the felony he'd just commited and tried to get
    4chan, /b/, and Anonymous to do it for him.

    And they didn't take the bait.

    Check out Malkin and LGF for some good info on David Kernal

  28. "Looks like it WAS a left-winger, who WAS trying to smear Palin, who when he failed to do it on his own got scared of the felony he'd just commited and tried to get
    4chan, /b/, and Anonymous to do it for him."

    I'm not a partisan, and my comment here is simply an attempt to snap some of you out of your hyper-politicized frame of mind for maybe 1 or 2 minutes, and then you can go back to railing against the "left-wingers" (or even "right-wingers") whose nefarious agenda (you imagine) is the source of all the world's problems.

    If Palin's email was hacked by someone with a clear political agenda, basic organization, or even any game plan at all, they would have kept the fact that they had gotten into the account a secret in order to spy on her indefinitely and dig up as much "dirt" (if there was any to dig) that they could get a hold of.

    They could then have used that information to tip off journalists or others as to what they should investigate in order to discover "SCANDAL XYZ" without revealing that the original source of their information was via stolen emails (or emails at all) or any other illegal activity . Palin would have been politically damaged without anyone realizing that it came about through dirty tricks and they could have KEPT spying on her and revealing damaging information through indirect means or back channels indefinitely.

    If the person who hacked Palin's account was afraid of their crime being discovered and "freaked out" it doesn't make much sense for them to publicize the fact that their otherwise totally undetected crime had been commited by announcing it on 4chan, a notoriously idiotic message board that receives millions of hits per day - ANONYMOUS hits - from people all over the planet. Your posts could be and probably are viewed by everyone from FBI agents to the Dalai Lama to Karl Rove, you don't know, it is anonymous.

    Posting that kind of potentially valuable and sensitive info there is a clear sign of the frivolous mindset of the person who hacked it. You get access to SARAH PALIN'S private email, illegally, and thats who you want to tell about it? And no, don't try to argue that they did it to cover their tracks or whatever, because until they posted about it there were no tracks or at least nobody would ever have been looking for any. Duh.

    It is not evidence of an organized plot by Obama to shoot himself in the head weeks before the election by making Palin look like a sympathetic victim and himself like Richard Nixon with a sun tan.

    As to the political leanings of the person, as yet unidentified, who hacked the account and revealed it on 4chan, nobody can really say. We don't know if it was even an American citizen. Could he be a liberal? Well, sure, maybe. So what?

    If John Wayne Gacy voted Republican in every election, does that mean raping and murdering young men is now part of the conservative political platform? Or that Gacy's criminality and depravity is somehow an accurate reflection of Republican party values? What if it was discovered that Gacy chose his victims based on their political views or because they kind of looked like Bobby Kennedy to him or something? Does that mean his murders would be chiefly characterized as a "politically motivated" crime, part of a broader political conspiracy, or some profoundly important indictment of conservativism in general or specific?


    Stop reacting, start thinking.