Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grow the hell up!

What's with this puerile protest crap?
Karl Rove, the former Deputy Chief of Staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush, discussed presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama and gave his take on the legacy of the current president [in Claremont, Calif.].
But hundreds of protesters greeted Rove before, during and after his speech.
When Rove tried to leave the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, at least two people and possibly a third claimed they were pepper sprayed while campus officials said they were not.
A bomb threat was also determined to be unfounded, campus officials added.
Rove's speech took place from 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday inside the Claremont McKenna College Athenaeum at 385 8th St.
This was approximately the same situation Rove faced at George Washington University in March. Bill Clinton's chief strategist, James Carville, can go give a speech anywhere in America without requiring additional security. Republicans hate Carville, but they've got better things to do than to engage in childish protest stunts.

The Left has it in their heads that the '60s never ended, and that their Complete Moral Authority justifies any idiotic protest they care to organize. I saw this idiocy at the DNC in Denver and was just amazed. The logic -- if it can be called "logic" -- seems to be: "There's a Republican in the White House and a war on . . . Kent State! Kent State!"

It's childish and self-defeating. It doesn't change minds. Your third-rate imitations of hippie rituals from 40 years ago don't impress anyone, and don't win you new allies. It attracts to your cause dimwits and the deranged -- who else would want to participate in such embarrassing theatrics?

Ditto for trying to shout down David Freddoso and anyone else who dares to disagree with your pet narratives. Ditto for "Kill Michelle Malkin." Rational people don't want to associate themselves with paranoid anarchist lunatics. If your goal is to elect more Republicans, just keep it up, freaks.

UPDATE: Linked by the Claremont Conservative, which has a report on the protests. The student who wrote the report is named Charles Johnson. Dude, what an awesome name for a blogger!


  1. After I heard what was done to Stanley Kurtz on the radio in Chicago, I was upset. When the Obama minions did the same to David Freddoso, I just carted myself off to the bookstore and bought "The Case Against Barack Obama." Hopefully, when the phone barrage started, the host and David were able to really explore deeply into and amplify the details of the book. Perhaps that would discourage such an attack because it would make it self-defeating.

  2. I attend Claremont McKenna and I want to say that we conservative students counter protested those left-wing nuts, almost all of whom were from the least distinguished college in the Claremont consortium, Pitzer College.

    I have the rundown of how messed up the Pitzer students were over at my blog. http://www.claremontconservative.com/2008/09/barbarians-at-ath.html