Sunday, June 8, 2008

Obama's Camelot?

The media swoon for Obama leads liberals to make the most romantic comparison they can muster:

JFK daughter brings Camelot magic to hunt for Obama’s running mate
Barack Obama made a curious choice for a key position in his presidential campaign team last week. His decision to appoint Caroline Kennedy to a sensitive political role leading his search for a vice-presidential running mate has aroused both intrigue and derision in US political circles.
The daughter of the late President John F Kennedy has no serious political experience, has been involved in only one previous presidential campaign - when her uncle, Ted Kennedy, ran for the White House in 1980 - and has long been considered the most private member of America’s most celebrated political dynasty. . . .
Wait a minute: They told us that a major reason Democrats rejected Hillary Clinton was because younger voters were tired of dynasties. But when Obama reaches out to the Kennedy dynasty, that's OK?

Fran Coombs says to expect more of this:
Just today a photo caption in the New York Times describes Mrs. Obama's dress as having "a Camelot reference."
Mr. Obama's charisma and his sunny prescription of hope in a fairly dismal time are viewed through the lens of the aging Left and their don't-know-any-better younger allies as a reincarnation of the youthful Kennedy bringing an end to the dark ages of the Eisenhower presidency. Students of history realize, of course, that it was the triumph of style over substance, but that's another story.
Good point. There is a changing-of-the-guard motif involved in the Obama campaign. We've just had our first two Baby Boomer presidents -- Clinton and Bush -- and now the Gen X'ers are trying to push a 46-year-old with a one-page resume into the White House.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that lots of graying Boomers are going to look more favorably on the 71-year-old codger?

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