Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barack's nightmare

Imagine this: You've just become the first black man ever nominated for president by a major party. You've got problems to deal with, including a troubling history of radical associations, plus the fact that you're a 46-year-old newcome to national politics who has to convince skeptical "swing" voters that you're ready to be commander-in-chief of a nation at war.

And then ... well, this:
Representative Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, just finished reading on the House floor a 35-count impeachment resolution against President George W. Bush.
If Obama resists the urge to hunt down Kucinich and strangle that midget twerp, he'll have passed a major test of character. This idiotic gesture --moving to impeach a lame-duck president who'll be out of office in a mere seven months, no matter what --is exactly what Obama doesn't need.
Obama will be asked to respond to this, and will be confronted with a dilemma:
  • Treat Kucinich's proposal seriously, pleasing the left-wing kook fringe of the Democratic Party, but alienating normal Americans; or
  • Reject Kucinich's idiocy, driving the left-wing kook fringe over to the Green Party or whatever kook fringe independent canididacy Ralph Nader puts together.
Obama needs the kook fringe, but he needs them to be quiet and unobtrusive. Instead that creepy Marxist dwarf Kucinich pulls this demagogic publicity stunt that gets them all riled up.


  1. I seriously doubt if one MSM reporter will ask Obama about this. They are so in the tank for Obama.

  2. Those are not the only two choices. As a practical matter, we all know that impeachment will not move forward. But as a moral imperative, it is right to put these articles of impeachment on record.

    Obama might acknowledge that. He might also draw contrasts between Bush's imperial presidency, which ignored the Constitution and our treaty obligations, and his own intentions to honor both.

    I was tipped to Kucinich reading the articles on impeachment in a comment to someone's blog. I managed to tune in at around Article 22 (of 35).

    It was just a single shot of a middle aged man reading in an expressionless voice for hours on hours. But it was the best and most important thing on TV last night.

    I thank Kucinich for doing this.

  3. To impeach President Bush is not idiotic; it simply misses the mark. Best to impeach the President of the Senate, Dick Cheney.

    We Americans really need to send a signal that anarchy in our government can't go on without real consequences. We have a Constitution. We expect a separation of powers. We expect due process. We expect a president, not an elected king. We expect a limited government. And who's going to limit it, if not we?

  4. I agree with Casey. What is the point of having laws if everyone is too spineless to enforce and adhere to them? His actions did not uphold the constitution, which he promised under oath that he would follow during the inauguration. This has little to do with Obama. This has to do with responsibility. America hired Bush for the job. He lied in his interview, thru his first and second term in office. Why shouldnt America fire him?