Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama smoking again?

Yeah, never mind his Marxist economic ideas, let's talk about whether he's been sneaking an occasional Camel Light:
Senator Barack Obama told reporters in St. Louis today that he has fallen off the wagon and smoked cigarettes in the last few months.
The presumptive Democratic nominee has been open about his smoking past: Once a heavy smoker, he publicly gave up the habit, per his wife's request, to run for president.Since quitting, Obama has indicated in the past that he has "fallen off the wagon" but before today was not specific about how recent his smoking was.
"Months," Obama said of the last time he has smoked.
Wouldn't it have been cool if he'd fired one up right there, with the cameras rolling? Yeah, take that, you media busybodies!

(Via Memeorandum.)

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  1. I’m sure if he gets emphysema or something, he’ll just lay hands on himself.