Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot air across America

No, not that Hot Air (although I think Michelle Malkin will like this idea). I'm talking about Americans for Prosperity's Hot Air Balloon Tour of America:
Americans for Prosperity's seventy-foot-tall hot air balloon will visit six more states from June 17th through June 21st, making stops in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Ohio. . . . Bring the family, co-workers, and friends out to experience the Hot Air Tour first-hand and learn about the $1.2 trillion energy tax hike Al Gore and global warming alarmists are pushing.
AFP is celebrating the defeat of the bipartisan "cap-and-trade" bill (Barack Obama supported it; John McCain was a co-sponsor). But the globaloney peddlers won't stop, so AFP is rallying Americans in seven cities next week:

Tuesday – June 17, 2008

Wednesday – June 18, 2008
Thursday – June 19, 2008
Friday - June 20, 2008
Saturday - June 21, 2008
By the way, who says global warming is bad, anyway? Washington, DC, is in the middle of a heat wave right now and it's a beautiful thing. Think sundresses, OK?

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