Monday, June 9, 2008

Hillaryites roll over

Remember when Hillary's supporters screamed that they would not, under any circumstances, support Obama? They lied:
Barack Obama is enjoying a modest bump in support following Hillary Clinton's exit from the presidential race. The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update finds Obama leading Republican John McCain, 48% to 42%, among registered voters nationwide. . . .
Obama has consistently held a lead of five to seven percentage points each night since it was reported that Hillary Clinton intended to suspend her campaign.
These soi-dissant militant feminist voters now surrender to Stockholm Syndrome, internalizing the worldview of their captors. Hillary's erstwhile supporters rally to the standard of the sexist chauvinist oppressor.

It's almost as pathetic as listening to conservatives who once opposed John McCain but are now making excuses for the RINO, and denouncing as "disloyal" anyone who maintains the anti-McCain stance they themselves once took.

Conformist bandwagons never were my scene.

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