Monday, June 9, 2008

Dem delegate = $100K

According to calculations by Don Surber, through April, Barack Obama's campaign spent $101,429.20 per delegate , and the Clinton campaign spent $96,166.61 per delegate.

Furthermore, Don points out, the total spending per campaign amounted to:
  • OBAMA: $218.9 million
  • CLINTON: $185.2 million
  • TOTAL: $404.1 million
The NY Daily News calculates it somewhat differently, but reports:
Eighteen million votes: $212 million. Some 1,926 delegates: $109,823 a pop.
Blowing the biggest head start in presidential history: priceless.
From anointed to also-ran, Hillary Clinton spent more money to lose a primary election than any candidate in Democratic Party history.
"The Clinton campaign found itself without adequate money at the beginning of 2008," chief strategist Mark Penn wrote in a published Op-Ed yesterday - but it was enough of a cash stash to fund the causes she championed. . . .
Instead of throwing cash away, she might have better invested the $11 million she gave her campaign by buying everyone in New York City a Mega Millions ticket.
And she could have bought 9,838 people a new hybrid Toyota Prius, or given out 70.7 million energy-efficient light bulbs.
Remember that gas tax holiday plan? Nearly 53 million gallons of free gas could have been bought with that sum.
The saddest thing is that, while she was burning through more than $200 million in campaign cash, she never got the urge to cut me a check in appreciation of all my friendly coverage of her campaign.

Yeah, I know. That wouldn't have been ethical. But we're talking Hillary Clinton here -- when did the Clintons ever let a little thing like ethics ever get in their way?

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