Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch your back, Ambinder

You call that an "update"? Heh. Same to you, Matt Lewis. You guys wouldn't know news if it was sitting right in front of you in broad daylight. Which, by the way, it is.

Look, while you guys were still chewing over McCain's performance at CPAC, I was the first guy to report that LP activists were forming a "Draft Barr" effort. That was Feb. 11. I'm also the guy who, on the day Barr announced his exploratory committee, stated flatly that this was a formality and that Barr was definitely running.

So when you guys find yourselves smacking your foreheads and saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" just remember who's the daddy.


  1. So... You want credit for stating the obvious?

    OK. :D

  2. You wait, Steve. I'm planning to scoop these guys on a big story that anybody could have had for the asking. When it hits, these guys are going to have that Homer Simpson reaction: "Doh!"