Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday a.m. roundup

The Rocky Mountain News has a nice story, including a quote from my friend:
Delegate James Bell, a videographer from Atlanta, said he is one of the Georgians "responsible for moving Bob Barr . . . into the Libertarian Party."
Considering this coup, Bell smiled and said, "I believe Bob is now ready to take this party, and this country, to a whole different level."
The Georgia LP guys know Barr best, and they're very excited about him. Meanwhile, the Economist has this article:
The Libertarians, now deciding who should be their presidential nominee, are usually a sideshow. Their last candidate, Michael Badnarik, took a third of a percentage point in 2004. The hopefuls this year include one who wants to move the United Nations headquarters to Somalia, one known mostly for a book about the spirituality of John Denver, a country singer, and a near-obsessive marijuana-legalisation advocate.
But this year the Libertarian nomination may be a bigger prize. Ron Paul ran a lower-case libertarian campaign for the Republican nomination, generating surprising levels of enthusiasm, votes and money. Paulites continue showing up and voting for him in primaries, despite the fact that Mr McCain has locked up the nomination. The word “libertarian” has, in the wake of that run, gained more currency and respectability.
And now Bob Barr, a prominent former Republican Congressman, is campaigning for the nomination. Mr Barr, a former anti-drug warrior and leader of the impeachment against Bill Clinton, has converted to a rightish branch of Libertarianism.

A very good article, and you can read the rest here. I've got to get in the shower and attempt to get into some kind of condition to attend a media breakfast this morning.

UPDATE: Just saw Mike Gravel at breakfast in the 22nd floor Concorde Club. He's buttonholing delegates one-by-one. His wife, Whitney, is very nice.

I've got a lot of photos from last night, but only time to upload one right now.
That's Stephen Gordon with Barr's assistant, Jennifer Chambrin. A short story about Jennifer: Each delegate to the LP convention receives one token. To get participate in the Sunday night presidential debate, a candidate must collect at least 30 tokens. For a candidate to collect a delegate's token, then, is a major coup -- especially if he collects those tokens early in the process.

Jennifer told a tale last night of her effort to woo a token from a reluctant delegate. Large amounts of bourbon were required, but she finally got that token.

Well, media breakfast with Barr at 8 a.m. I've had about three hours sleep. Ready to go.

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