Saturday, May 24, 2008

LP photoblogging

Almost time to get the final delegate count the Libertarian Convention, while the floor fight over the platform continues. I'm blogging more at the American Spectator, but here are a few photos to give you a sense of the scene at convention:

An uncommitted delegate is wooed by Barr operative Shana Kluck, a homeschooling mother of four.

D.C. delegates support the majority report in the platform squabble. Not because they don't like minorities, but because the repeated objections are getting on everybody's nerves.
"The chair recognizes the lady from ... er, the gentleman from ... er, the delegate from California." The San Francisco delegate known as "Starchild" raises a point of parliamentary procedure during Saturday morning's platform brouhaha.

Steven Kubby, favorite son of the Free Weeder Caucus, talks to some of his supporters Saturday morning. Rumors of a "tokes for tokens" operation were unsubstantiated.

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