Sunday, May 18, 2008

More from Mr. Reform

John McCain lives up to his promises to "get big money out of politics" and "clean up the mess in Washington," by dumping another lobbyist from his campaign staff:
Former Rep. Thomas G. Loeffler, a Texan who is among the McCain campaign's most important advisers and fundraisers, has resigned as a national co-chair over lobbying entanglements, a Republican source told Politico on Sunday.
It's at least the fifth lobbying-related departure from the campaign in a week. . . .
The McCain campaign's stringent approach to the issue is provoking a bit of grumbling from some of its Washington allies, who point out that a lobbyist's function is enshrined in the Constitution.
"No one in real America cares," said one key Republican. "But McCain cares."
Amazing that Mr. Reform's campaign seems to be staffed entirely by lobbyists. You see why the Beltway GOP Establishment is so ineffective. They're controlled by the big-money influence peddlers on K Street, and are indifferent to what Republican voters actually want -- as McCain demonstrated in 2006 and '07 when he tried to ram his amnesty through.

Meanwhile, a sixth McCain staff resignation looms, as Charlie Black's lobbying career comes under scrutiny.

(Via Memeorandum.)

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