Sunday, May 18, 2008

Media & Obamessiah

Deb Cupples: "72% say the media should stop trying to anoint Obama." Which means 28% desperately want to touch the hem of his garment.

His shadow can cure cancer, you know.
And lo, verily, did he say unto his agent, "Go ye unto Simon & Shuster, and they will shew thee a contract. Forty thousand shalt they pay me, and a commission shall ye reap." She hastened to do all that he commanded her, and it was as he had prophesied.
Yet when it was time for the manuscript to be delivered, he tarried, and delivered it not.
Then his agent said unto him, "Forsooth, my master, the deadline have ye missed, wherein it was promised unto them, and I fear for the contract thou hast breached."
He assured her, speaking words of comfort: "Fear not, for another publisher shall ye find and bring to me. Forty thousand again shall I be paid, and a commission shall ye also reap."
Again, it was as he prophesied, and the agent was astonished, for her master was but eight and twenty years, and the payment was large.
But even as she marveled at this, a miracle was wrought, and the book became a thing wondrous, so that even the mighty scribes reviewed it.
Yet it did not sell straightway, for the master was yet obscure in the land and the people knew him not.

Then came the day when all were gathered, and the master made himself known throughout the land, and they clamored loudly for a new book.
And the master said unto his agent, "Thou has done well, my good and faithful servant. Therefore, thou shalt go under the bus. And to my grandmother, send this greeting." And then unto the agent in a strange tongue did he speak, saying, "Ciao!"
Mighty crowded under Obama's bus.

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