Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Big Debate

Moderator Jim Pinkerton fumbled the opening of the Libertarian Party debate on C-SPAN, directing the first question to Bob Barr before allowing the candidates to make their opening statements. Barr answered the question, then Pinkerton apologized and corrected himself, letting Barr make his opening statement. Barr said he'd learned from years of debates never to correct the moderator.

UPDATE: Steven Kubby's providing a lot of humor. After nearly all the candidates had called for an end to the drug war, Kubby said, "I'm getting a buzz just sitting up here." Later, when the question of the federal judiciary was raised, Kubby denounced the "Madison vs. Mayberry" decision, prompting Jim Pinkerton to make a joke about Sheriff Andy Taylor's role in that case.

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