Monday, May 19, 2008

RNC/McCain fusion

Something tells me this is a very bad idea:
In late April, John McCain entered into an agreement with the Republican National Committee that would allow him to raise upwards of $70,000 from individual donors. The deal, then criticized by public financing advocates, allows donations in excess of $2,300 to flow directly to the RNC, which will spend the money on McCain's behalf.
While increasing the amount of funds available to McCain, it also makes the Arizona senator more beholden than ever to the Republican machine he is lauded for challenging. The New York Times reports that the RNC will play an enormous part in funding McCain's campaign.
The co-author of McCain-Feingold does a runaround on his own "reform"? One obvious result of this deal is that the RNC can kiss their small donors goodbye. And when the McCain campaign ends -- however it ends -- the RNC will reap a harvest of leftover resentment.

Meanwhile, we note with interest that Crazy Cousin John's campaign dissed Michelle Malkin by not inviting her to participate in a conference call:
Yesterday, I learned that several far left-wing blogs were invited to participate in The Maverick's blogger conference call session. . . . I e-mailed McCain's New Media guy, Patrick Hynes, asking if I could participate in the next blogger conference call. . . .
Update 10:17am Eastern: I kid you not. I just received an e-mail from Republican Internet strategist David All touting McCain’s liberal blogger outreach. . . .
Update 11:36am Eastern: Just heard from Patrick Hynes: "Yes, you will be invited to all future calls."
There's an old saying in politics, keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer. They should have been giving her red-carpet treatment; instead she has to ask permission to participate in the call? Something tells me this oversight on McCain's part will not result in better relations with Mrs. Malkin.

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