Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stick to the ground game, Giants!

Which never would have happened if the Giants had stuck to their ground game.


But they still should run the ball more. That third-and-4 situation was not necessarily a passing down. They converted it, sure, but to my mind, if your running game's working, you should run it on third-and-4.

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I keep shouting at my TV, but those stupid coaches aren't listening.

If you can run the ball, run the damn ball. This is a basic principle of football:

If you run 22 Trap and it gains 6 yards, your next play should be ... 22 Trap.
As long as you keep gaining yards with 22 Trap, keep running 22 Trap until the other team makes an adjustment that stops 22 Trap.

In football, variety for the sake of variety is stupidity for the sake of stupidity.

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UPDATE: Damn these coaches! The Giants had the ball near midfield, third and 6, and I'm thinking, "Draw. Run the draw." Instead, they come out of the huddle and line up in the shotgun and pass, incomplete. Idiots.

On the last series, Manning threw three times into double coverage and once into triple coverage. Keep that up, and sooner or later you throw an interception.

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