Thursday, February 7, 2008

CPAC: Thursday afternoon

Excuse the long delay in blogging. Had trouble connecting with the WiFi system. There will be many updates to come, but right now ... wow. What a day.

From my report for

The announcement stunned many of Romney’s supporters, especially hundreds of college-age supporters who had been handing out Romney lapel stickers in the hotel lobby just minutes earliers.
“I am incredibly shocked … profoundly saddened,” said Ruth Malhotra, an activist with Evangelicals for Mitt. “I can’t support John McCain. He is not a conservative. … He’s stabbed his party in the back and he’s betrayed the conservative movement.”
Her sentiments were echoed by Orit Sklar of Jews for Mitt. “There’s no way I’m voting for John McCain,” she said.
In an exhibition hall, Romney supporters gathered around a big-screen TV to watch the speech. Many had tears in their eyes. ...
Now John McCain is on TV talking about his conservative principles. Should be a short speech.

Will update later ....

UPDATE: At this point, among conservative McCain opponents, people seem sort of stunned. I just had a long conversation with Tony Blankley, who suggests that Rush, Ingraham, Levin and others will eventually support the Republican nominee.

We'll see. There are now people in the hotel lobby waving "Stop The McCain Amnesty" signs.

You know who's happy now? The Paulistas. Ron Paul just gave a speech -- he's very popular with College Republicans.

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  1. John McCain gave a good speech...having said that...I still am not convinced.