Monday, February 4, 2008

CPAC Fever: Pandemic!

Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! And Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan!

The raging epidemic of CPAC Fever continues spreading across the blogophere. If you haven't caught it, it's not too late to sign up now.

Here, courtesy of Christina Grabosky with CRC Public Relations, is the list of blogs who will be represented on Bloggers Row at the three-day event beginning Thursday at the luxurious Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.


Ace O'Spades
Alarming News
Atlas Shrugs
Bluey Blog
Captain's Quarters
Conservatives with an Attitude!
Fausta's Blog
Gay Patriot
Girl on the Right
Hugh Hewitt
Human Events
Little Miss Attila
Mary Katherine Ham
Matt Sanchez
Musclehead Revolution
My Man Mitt
Outside the Beltway
Reasoned Audacity
Red State
Riehl World View
Right Wing News
Sam Adams Alliance
Save the GOP
The American Mind
The Autonomist
Truth Laid Bear

"Now, wait a doggone minute!" you say. "I don't see my favorite blog on that list."

Have no fear. There were only 30 slots available on bloggers row (some organizations requested multiple slots), and so some of us -- ahem, cough, cough -- will sort of be "floating" hither and yon.

Me, personally, I've got a big VIP party to prepare for Thursday, so there won't be that much time for blogging. Other than that, I'll mainly be blogging from the Marquee Bar in the lobby of the Omni Shoreham. Pretty much all the cool people end up in the Marquee Bar sooner or later.
UPDATE: Riehl World View and Hot Air Headlines linked. Thanks!

UPDATE II: David Keene, chairman of ACU (CPAC's sponsor) has endorsed Mitt Romney.

UPDATE III: The unsettled state of the Republican presidential primary race after Super Tuesday will make this a particularly exciting CPAC.

Regardless of what you hear from the MSM, Crazy Cousin John "didn't close the deal," to quote Jed Babbin.

Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times has a breakdown of exit-poll data showing how conservatives went in each state -- for example, McCain was a third choice for conservatives in Georgia, gaining only 21% of the conservative vote.

Wonder what Cheney and Bush will have to say?

UPDATE IV: Just got a notice from Roger Custer of Young America's Foundation, informing me that the time and venue of Friday's Ann Coulter event have been slightly changed: 4 p.m. in the Empire Ballroom. If you miss Coulter at CPAC, she'll be at George Washington University on Saturday night.

UPDATE V: Don't miss my "Message to Mitt."


  1. I hope you all will be booing loudly when McCain makes his appearance.

  2. Considering the CPAC team has gone soft and decided that they need to be politically correct for their leftist brethren, I could care less who is speaking or reporting.

    They won't let Ann Coulter speak, they just lost my interest.

    Let all the lefty conservatives like John McCain meet and have a happy time, but real conservatives should stay home.

  3. It's sort of like having Vladimir Lenin speak at a Demonrat PAC, he'd be boo'ed as well not being far enough to the left in all.

  4. Well, Coulter's not going to be there (or at least she's not headlining).

    Something gonna' change, even if all these anti-McCainiacs will be manning the gauntlet.

    Jeff Jacoby noted yesterday that McCain's not perfect:

    "Yet there is no candidate in either party who so thoroughly embodies the conservatism of American honor and tradition as McCain, nor any with greater moral authority to invoke it. For all his transgressions and backsliding, McCain radiates integrity and steadfastness, and if his heterodox stands have at times been infuriating, they also attest to his resolve. Time and again he has taken an unpopular stand and stuck with it, putting his career on the line when it would have been easier to go along with the crowd.

    A perfect conservative he isn't. But he is courageous and steady, a man of character and high standards, a genuine hero. If "the House that Reagan Built" is to be true to its best and highest ideals, it will unite behind John McCain."

  5. Thank goodness Annie the Tranny Coulter will not show up.

    I almost left the party in '06 due to her "ragheads" epithet and again in '07 with her "f-word" slur against a dear family friend.

    For a party that once invited me into its "Big Tent," the GOP must continue to be a party with a platform of inclusion and empathy.

  6. Donald Douglas said...

    A perfect conservative he isn't. But he is courageous and steady, a man of character and high standards, a genuine hero. If "the House that Reagan Built" is to be true to its best and highest ideals, it will unite behind John McCain."

    McCain is closer to Obama in beliefs than he is to Reagan. He's NOT Conservative. McCain is the choice of the MSM (sic) and if that's true, then you know he's not good for America or Conservatives. All of the namby pamby "can't we all just get along" (even if it means selling out our beliefs and the good of this nation) McCainiacs are too soft to put a real Conservative into office.

  7. I would say McCain is far closer to Reagan on policy; after all, Reagan is the guy who gave amnesty to millions of undocumented migrants.

    Just sayin'.

  8. Yeah, keep throwing out that one "example" as "proof" of some similarity. Conservatives know the truth:

    McCain-Feingold, McCain-Leiberman, McCain-Kennedy, Gang of 14.

    Reagan brought Democrats to him or stood his ground, except on few occasions (and that amnestry proved a mistake, so why vote another guy stumping for it into office?). The above legislations show McCain more and more willing to sell us out, not the opposite.

    McCain's attitude and comments are not helping, either. He's only making me further entrenched in my unwillingness to vote for him and my insistence on voting for conservatives elsewhere in November. I will still have my say.

    One is expected to become more conservative as one ages, not the reverse. McCain's record only shows that he will throw out the party's wishes when it suits him. That is why he has earned the distrust of so many conservatives.