Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Message to Mitt: Concede nothing

"Calm down," says Crazy Cousin John. Calm down:
Republican John McCain . . . told his conservative critics Wednesday to dial back the animosity and focus on issues where they agree.

"I do hope that at some point we would just calm down a little bit and see if there's areas we can agree on," McCain said at a news conference in a Phoenix airport hangar.
Yeah, you do that, Makaniak. You and your sycophantic chorus of Smithers-like propagandists, you "just calm down a little bit." Have fun at CPAC (with 6,000 conservatives whom you purposefully snubbed last year).

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney needs to make like Donald Trump, look around at some of his insanely overpaid consultants and ineffective staffers and say, "You're fired."

It's still nearly six months to the GOP convention. Six months is forever in politics, and Mitt's CPAC speech should be a bold expression that he's not quitting, he's not conceding, he's fighting all the way to Minneapolis.

"All in," as they say in Vegas. "Go Down Gambling":

(Sorry for the live version with pointless 2-minute guitar shred at the beginning. The original studio version is much better.)

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