Monday, February 4, 2008 column

So, ya wanna be a pundit, kid?
When Rachel Marsden sent me a message suggesting I contribute to, my immediate reaction was, "What does it pay?"
Her reply began with the acronym "LOL," which perfectly expresses the fate of punditry in the New Media age. If you think you're going to get rich sharing your opinions online, pal, LOL.
The Great Blog Bubble of the past five years was dependent on a mythology of easy money and instant success. According to the myth, any half-bright clown with a laptop, an attitude and a rudimentary knowledge of HTML could throw up a Blogspot site and, in no more than six weeks, have a syndicated column, a book deal and his own half-hour weekend gig on MSNBC. Just quit your day job, add ".com" to your name, and by the time the rent came due, you'd be the next Ann Coulter.
Good luck with that career plan. It's never really worked that way, and it never will, because it can't. ...

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  1. Last five years? I've been tapping away on my weblog since 1999. Anyone who thought a weblog led to instant riches should have consulted with me first.