Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CPAC blogging begins!

Live from the fabulous Omni Shoreham Hotel -- it's CPAC '08!

This week: Bush! Cheney! Romney! Crazy Cousin John! And, of course, Ron Paul (who will be introduced by my close personal friend, Bob Barr).

It's a GOP cage match -- a titanic struggle for the soul of the Republican Party and the future of America! And this political apocalypse will be blogged by an all-star squad of conservative bloggers.

Did I mention Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter will be here? (Also, "Trout Pout" is in the house.)

Will update frequently as events continue. I am here as special correspondent for and, baby, we are ready to rock.

Blogging from the lobby bar, where I've just been enthusiastically greeted by the lovely Pamela of Atlas Shrugs.

Clockwise from top left: The Other McCain (note clever product placement); Matthew Vadum of Capital Research Center; the lovely Pamela; Eric of No Pasaran.

If you're at CPAC, we'll see you soon!

NZ Bear has a CPAC blog feed, but for some reason it doesn't list me. I won't pout.

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