Thursday, February 7, 2008

CPAC late-night blogging

The management of the fabulous Omni Shoreham Hotel has requested that we blog quietly.

Shhhhhhhh. (Will update.)
UPDATE: I have no idea why they would think that we were too loud. Just a few friends getting together in a hotel room. I mean, it's about hospitality, right?

The guy in the grey sweatshirt (center) is the Washington bureau chief for Investor's Business Daily.

Among the fabulous people on hand were Becky Banks of Students For Life, Jason Mattera of Young America's Foundation, Mary Katharine Ham of, and Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters. (Ace of Spades had to be cropped out of that picture because ... I don't know, he said something about his photo being in the post office.)

Also in attendance, but not pictured: Little Miss Attila, Doug Giles, Mike Adams, James Joyner, LOTUS, Sean Hackbarth, Nathan Tabor, Martha Zoller, Phil Kent ... the mind grows hazy. There were a lot of super-fabulous cool people there.

Just about the time that the management of the fabulous Omni Shoreham Hotel decided we needed to be quiet, my close personal friend Bob Barr showed up.

We blame Bob. I mean, why not?

UPDATE II: Just when we thought it was over, Richard Miniter showed up ...

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