Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barr & Paul on Iran

From my latest article in The American Spectator:
Not all the speakers at the "It's Time To Talk" event were liberal Democrats, however, and the occasion allowed Barr an opportunity to say hello to a former congressional colleague he calls "a very good friend," Texas Rep. Ron Paul.
Much of Barr's hope to make his Libertarian candidacy a serious threat in November depends on his ability to capture the energy -- and phenomenal fundraising potential -- demonstrated by Paul's anti-war insurgency in the GOP.
Already, many of the activists who supported Paul in the Republican primaries are working for Barr. Monday, two pro-Paul bloggers sent out an e-mail explaining they were backing Barr because his campaign would "retain the philosophical core of Ron
Paul's message." So far, however, Barr has yet to match the online money machine that helped generate more than $30 million for Paul's primary campaign. As of yesterday, the Barr campaign's website reported he had raised about $250,000.
Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, See-Dubya wants to "get a rise out of the Other McCain" by reporting that Tom Tancredo says he can't vote for Barr. Why? Tancredo says Barr's got "a blind spot on radical Islam." I'll see Barr in a couple of hours (he's speaking at Grover's Wednesday morning meeting) and ask him about that.

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  1. It would be fitting to note that anyone who knows anything about Ron Paul and his message won't be voting for faux-Libertarian Barr. I hope that most Ron Paul supporters will join me in supporting Constitution party candidate Chuck Baldwin, the only candidate who represents and will continue Ron Paul's message of limited government and Constitutionalism. Ron Paul himself has stated that Baldwin's campaign is the main reason he won't endorse Barr. I don't know how you feel about Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr, but I wanted to clear that up.