Monday, July 27, 2009

Shhhh! Don't tell Donald Douglas

This could be his next Google bomb:
Fired Fort Myers Beach town manager Scott Janke said Thursday his phone has been ringing off the hook.
Janke was fired from his $106,000 a year job Wednesday night after town council members learned that his wife Anabela Mota Janke is also porn starlett Jazella Moore. All five town council members have stressed the firing was not because of what she does for a living but because of the distraction and disruption they expect it would cause. . . .
"Distraction and disruption"? Well, Jazella Moore is no Erin Andrews nude but . . .


  1. Too late
    Donald has officially retired from google bombing hot babes

  2. Maybe I missed it, but I see no salute to Sarah from Stacy. I doubt that Margaret Thatcher would be saluting either, even if she was in the best of health.

  3. I broke the original story, check it out:

  4. @Mark30339,
    If you comb the Rule 5 archives, both ladies you mention have indeed made the cut.