Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intsy on Reason.TV

by Smitty

Quick highlights:

Admits to three major blogging themes:
  • what's in the news at the moment
  • personal hobby horses, nano-tech, cameras
  • new and different blogs
(No mention of bacon, so it's obvious that he's holding something back...)
Politics today are those of 1968? Born a year later, it's no wonder I shake my head at the current nonsense.
If government-controlled health care succeeds, medical innovation could flatline.
PJTV is Glenn living a geek fantasy. HDTV studio in his basement.
Accusation of mad crush on Sarah Palin: phenomenon more interesting than the lady herself.
Will she do better later? He knows not.
GOP is clearly less bad for libertarians. The percentage of social conservatives who are interested in legislating their beliefs is not large

Side note: Glenn, talk to Reason.TV's sound engineer. Your sound is about twice as good here as on Instavision.

1 comment:

  1. Uh, I know I'm a pinhead, but "INSTY," not "INTSY."

    ...unless you were doing the "Intsy, Bintsy Spider" thing.

    Then, ok.