Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anti-ACORN blogger dies

Just in, from investigative reporter Matthew Vadum:
Nancy Armstrong, an ardent researcher of all things ACORN, has died. No cause of death has been reported.
Armstrong ran the MsPlacedDemocrat blog. She lived near Wichita, Kansas, and was only in her mid to late 40s. Her family posted a notice about her passing on her blog.
Our sympathies to Ms. Armstrong's family and friends.

Vadum tells me via phone that Ms. Armstrong, like our friend Cynthia Yockey, was a Democrat for Hillary until the Apotheosis of Hope finally enlightened her to the true nature of the Evil Coalition Of Liars and Fools. This should remind all our brothers and sisters that even a belated repentance can do good for the cause of Right and Truth.


  1. 'The apotheosis of Hope.' I like that. I've also seen a more biblical reference, the 'Obamanation of Desolation.'

  2. Um, shouldn't that be the Evil Coalition Of Liars and Idiots? Then it could be anagrammed as ECOLI, which might more closely conform to the hazards they're causing our national health....