Tuesday, July 28, 2009

America's biggest problem?
Too many Orientals on TV!

Michelle Malkin gets hate-mail:
How do you, an Oriental, get on national TV and say and write such hard things about the President and several of his staff without being sued for slander?
Amazing, isn't it? Complete non sequitur. Just out of the blue: "Hey, you're Oriental!" Another classic:
I will be glad to have a debate with about your book, your vision, and you being an Asian who forgot where she is coming from.
Of course, they vary the ad hominem depending on who the enemy is: Rush Limbaugh is fat, Ann Coulter is a tranny, etc., etc. But it's all just variations on a theme.

Anyway, Hot Air has video of Michelle's appearance on the Hannity show to promote Culture of Corruption which -- in addition to being documented with 75 pages of end notes -- is also the Best. Book. Evah!

UPDATE: Notice the way Michelle's critics manage to insinuate that she doesn't know her place, that being a mere "Oriental" or "Asian" somehow renders her political arguments inoperative.

Does anyone ever send e-mails to Bill Moyers saying, "How can you, a Texan, get on national TV and say these things?" Or does Ed Schultz have to deal with people calling him a "German-American who forgot where he came from"?

On the one hand, conservatives are bashed for supposedly being "Racist! Sexist! Anti-Gay!" -- a chant I heard in 2007 outside an George Washington University appearance by David Horowitz -- but on the other hand, when confronted with conservatives who clearly don't fit that profile, the Left feels obligated to make racial and sexual comments.

And they don't do it merely as an insult, but seem to think that, in mentioning Michelle Malkin's ethnicity, they have actually proved something!


  1. Michelle is brilliant, brave, and beautiful.

    SAME things that bring such vicious attacks on Sarah Palin- the fact that both these women are highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model explains the extra dose of venom.

    These are desperate and weak people who denigrate Michelle, and this has nothing to do with race, really- other than the fact that these worms don't have any other way to try to get her.

    I feel sorry for these leftist cowards, lashing-out because deep inside they know their "views" that she threatens are nonsense- and also because they don't have the spine to face her: they're perfectly aware that in a real political debate with her, she'd kick their ass so hard they'd be wearing it for a hat.

  2. Malkin for IG-IN-CHIEF! [http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25215.html] in a Palin/Cotter Administration.

  3. They "seem to think that, in mentioning Michelle Malkin's ethnicity, they have actually proved something!"

    They have; they've proven the shallowness of their logic.

  4. Yea..yea..I know: left out the 'Mc'; it should read Palin/McCotter. I apologize: I had just gotten my first Instalanche.

  5. Great post and the Update skewers.

  6. Don't the Jewish neocons characterize Alexrod and Emanuel as self-hating Jews? I imagine that Catholic social conservatives have choice words for their apostates. It's human nature.

  7. Of course the Left actually believes, as Barbara Boxer recently illustrated, that ALL minorities MUST think alike. So, Michelle commits the unpardenable sin. She does not think like a woman, or an Asian, should think according to the rules of Liberal diversity!

  8. Well, back when Ed Schultz was a sportscaster, he had to deal with chants of, "Ed Shot His Dog!" (long ago, it was rumored that his hunting dog screwed up a point, and in anger Ed shot the dog. I don't know if it's true, but it would NOT be out of character for Eddie.)

    He also had a whiskey bottle hurled through the window as he was broadcasting a football game. I was listening as it happened. The bottle hit his color man in the stomach; he was stunned but not hurt. Ed ran out the door and into the crowd of NDSU college students, determined to beat hell out of someone. Cops broke it up, and Ed was suspended for a week.

  9. I am Oriental, but that is not an excuse for me to automatically support a non-white President. I have a brain and I can think for myself and I am proud of having integrity. I will not go with the Obama-bandwagon just because he and I are both non-white.