Wednesday, July 29, 2009

International Rule 5 Bikini Festival--Round 3

by Smitty

You know how it is when you're throwing a party, and there is a friend in attendance making a smell? You know who you are. Quit being bad fish, knaves:

Bob Belvedere, the Campy one of Saintville, contributes (PG-13) Shirley Eaton of Goldfinger fame. A classy lady (from Wikipedia):
  • "The most important thing for me was being a woman and having a family more than being a very famous glamorous actress."
    The same holds true for men, though my career as an actress consisted of getting booed offstage.

  • Rightofcourse recommends a (PG-13) Melissa Marie Gonzales.

  • Over at the Troglopundit's, misterpterodactyl seems to have been briefed about my taste for ancient Popeye cartoons. This one features (G) Olive Oil thinking aloud about her Presidential platform. A proto-Palin?

  • Three Beers Later has a (PG-13?) YouTube clip of a WWF extreme bikini contest. I only watched the first minute of so. I got a post to write.

  • For today, Jeffords contributes (PG) Elisabetta Canalis.

  • The WyBlog recommends the talented and wonderful (G) Sarah McLachlan.

  • Dave C at Point of a Gun introduces the intense (G) Vanessa Mae, who threatens to inject some culture into this sorry blog-load of knuckle-draggers.

  • Fulminate of Andrew offers a (PG) selection of models from Korea, China, and Malaysia.

  • Teach at the (PG-13) Pirate's Cove stays with the patriotic theme. That female member of Congress was kind of an edgy call, though. Consider yourself warned, mister. ;)

  • The Physics Geek, in a different orbit than the Far East crowd, offers a (PG-13) Scottish/Spanish/Australian roundup.
Today's winner is Point of a Gun. That is the most talented, lovely young lady since Elizabeth Roe.

The Cosmic Winner (whom no one has guessed yet, obviously) Hint Summary:
  1. She made a movie this decade.
  2. She was born during the Kennedy administration.
  3. Her name is that of a heavenly body. Of the solar system variety.
While I was tempted to fade out with Libertango by Anderson and Roe, we are nothing if not slaves to tradition, so get your Ventures on, and keep the links coming to Smitty:


  1. Phoebe Cates. Born in 1963. "Phoebe" is one of the moons of Saturn. She starred in The Anniversary Partythis decade-- 2001. She wore a highly memorable red bikini in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  2. Ah, Phoebe Cates! The red bikini was memorable, but what sticks in my mind is the scene where she takes the top half off.

    There's an awful Blue Lagoon ripoff called Paradise where Ms Cates spends much of the movie naked. Well worth watching for that reason but it's something of a test of will. Unfortunately, her costar Willie Aames is almost as naked and attempts to act.