Monday, August 4, 2008

You're guilty of murder

You never even heard of Luis Ramirez. You've never been anywhere near Shenandoah, Pa. But don't try to deny it, says liberal columnist Walter Brasch:
On a street in Shenandoah, Pa., deep in the heart of the anthracite coal region, six White teens took their racial hatred to a higher level. They confronted 25-year-old Luis Ramirez, an undocumented worker, and beat him to death. . . .
Unindicted co-conspirators are millions of Americans and the far-right mass media. . . .
But now, self-aggrandizing politicians and media talk show hosts and pundits, who erroneously believe they are populists, spew hate-filled torrents of bigotry and fear-mongering.
I don’t know if the six teens who murdered Luis Ramirez listen to talk radio, watch Fox News, or read web blogs and anonymous call-ins and letters to the local newspaper. They don’t have to. Their community does.
Right. And immediately after watching "Fox & Friends" this morning, I'll go perpetrate whatever hateful atrocity Steve Doocy suggests. (He's like that, you know.)

Brasch's "argument" reminds me of the Matthew Shepard case, which caused liberals everywhere to blame the murder on the "Religious Right," even though there wasn't a scintilla of evidence that the two petty hoodlums who killed Shepard had ever had anything to do with either religion or the Right. The great thing about liberal belief, as Thomas Sowell has said, is that it renders evidence irrelevant.

UPDATE: Linked at AOSHQ headlines, which explains all the great comments.


  1. Free the Shenandoah 4!

    If it was so outrageous to charge the "Jena 6" with attempted murder, let's see some equal protection for these kids.

  2. ermmmmm ...

    a couple of quick points -

    Shenandoah isn't "deep in the heart" of the anthracite coal region, it's on the lower end if anything.

    per Wikipedia, it wasn't six people, it was three teenagers who are being charged as adults.

    So, you know, "oopsie" on the multiple layers of fact checking.

    As for culture and the societal guilt we should take thanks to Fox/Talk Radio/et Cetera ... my *hunch* is that the three teenagers were probably influenced more by the interwebs, cable television, and all the cultural stuff that doesn't seep its way into Russian Orthodox churches.

    Also, it's a given that teenagers tend to reject their parents' behaviors and codes - if the community is immersed in "Fox News Culture" wouldn't that mean that the teenagers were acting in a non-Fox News way?

    Certainly, to be fair and balanced, some consideration should be given to that possibility.

    Put another way, given the relative infrequency of these stories compared to the past, shouldn't we credit Fox and Talk Radio with the decrease?


  3. Liberal logic is a wonderful thing to behold. One gets such a wealth of conjecture from such a trivial investment of fact.

  4. The Left has to blame somebody and it isn't allowed to blame to actual murderers, the same way they blame guns for killing.


  5. My jaw dropped when I read this:

    ***“He is president of the Pennsylvania Press Club…”*** This is a pretty respectable group of journalist/newspaper types who host non-crazy speakers. (Governor, state Supreme Court Justice, etc.)

    He’s no longer president. Or was sacked when he went nutty. Or never was and just lied.

    Does he REALLY want to play that game? Does he really want to tally up violence perpetrated against illegal aliens, and violence committed BY them, and then draw sweeping conclusions? When a police officer is gunned down by a motorist who chose confrontation over rationalization, does he really want us to ask what messages, from which side of the spectrum, distorted his mind? I don’t think so.
    -- CJ

  6. I'm starting to think we need to learn to do this. Propose a radical change in government policy. Assert that the change will benefit a particular group. If you oppose the change, you hate people in that group. Next time a member of that group gets assaulted, it's your fault for saying the policy change wasn't a good idea (because that's the same as saying members of the stated beneficiary group are bad and should be killed). Lather, rinse, repeat. In the long run, they will always kick our asses, because political thinking like this is instinctive to them.

  7. This is about as asinine a comment as they come. Please. I work on the Southwest Border. I arrest those poor illegals, many of which have rap sheets longer than the perps are tall.

    So, leave your sanctimonious psycho-babble where it belongs, in the trash.

    Are these kids guilty of murder, you bet. Should they serve jail time? You bet.

    But attributing their behavior to the likes of watching Fox News is like blaming Martin Luther King Jr. for getting assassinated.