Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dr. Helen and 'nice guys'

Dr. Helen Smith on "Dating Advice for Men," in which she makes reference to the "nice guys finish last" complaint.

Nice guys, pay attention: The lady doesn't owe you anything. Get it? Your mere "niceness" does not impose on her a reciprocal obligation. You are using your niceness as a Trojan Horse to get yourself inside the walled city, and when she spots this scheme and foils it, you cry foul. You'd be better off to make your play straight-up, accept the rejection and move on, rather than using the ambiguity of "niceness" to avert an immediate rejection.

The complaint that girls mistreat "nice guys" is actually a defense mechanism, a sort of sour-grapes method of projecting responsibility for your own shortcomings onto those who have spurned you: It's not that I'm sexually insecure, socially awkward, and a lousy dancer. No, my problem is that I'm nice -- and they're all cold-hearted, selfish bitches.

Guys, study the Damone 5-Point Plan:

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