Sunday, August 3, 2008

Only 22% see 'Celeb' ad as racist

Rasmussen Reports:
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of the nation’s voters say they’ve seen news coverage of the McCain campaign commercial that includes images of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and suggests that Barack Obama is a celebrity just like them. Of those, just 22% say the ad was racist while 63% say it was not.
However, Obama’s comment that his Republican opponent will try to scare people because Obama does not look like all the other presidents on dollar bills was seen as racist by 53%. Thirty-eight percent (38%) disagree.
Now, where is David Plouffe to explain to us once more what a horrible week John McCain had? By the way, Rasmussen's daily tracking poll this morning has it Obama 47%, McCain 46% -- and, most ominously for Team Obama, McCain has a 14-point favorability margin among independents.

UPDATE: Since we're doing polling, let me point out that recent polls have shown McCain leading in Missouri, a key Midwestern swing state, as well as in Alaska and North Carolina, two red states where Team Obama had suggested their "map-changer" candidate might compete.

UPDATE II: Linked at Hot Air Headlines. Thanks, guys.

UPDATE III: Don Surber asks, "[D]id the Year of the Democrats end on Memorial Day?"

UPDATE IV: Obama 45%, McCain 44% in the Sunday Gallup Daily. Also, please check out, "Eggheads for Obama."


  1. Its not the lack of a powdered wig or light colored skin that turns folks off about Obama. Its the Marxist, racist comments and policies that give we bitter religious clingers pause.

    nObama 08 ... Keep the Change

  2. It's not Barack Obama race, It's his Huge EGO and lack of record!!!!

  3. I have a big problem with Obama's color: he's too green and inexperienced.

    I'd rather have Hillary confront Iran than O, but I'm stuck voting for McCain.

    RH, NYC

  4. 4* Barack Obama said his opponent will try to scare people because Obama does not look like the other Presidents on dollar bills. Is that a racist comment?

    53% Yes

    38% No

    9% Not sure

    Just a thought. If I heard this question and thought it meant "Because he is black, Obama said his opponent will try to scare people," I would think that was a racist comment, because it suggests that Obama cannot help but play the victim, because that's what black people do. That may explain why 44% of African-Americans found the comment racist.