Friday, August 8, 2008

A week's vacation for Obama?

Obama's taking a week's vacation in Hawaii? At a time when he's neck-and-neck in the polls? With the PUMA crisis unresolved?

Democrats must be torn between panic and outrage by this move. While McCain keeps stumping through swing states, Obama idles amid palm trees and ocean breezes? The contrast will be damaging. (The RNC's already taking advantage.)

Obviously, Team Obama figures that no one will notice this due to the Olympics, but it's just like Obama vacationing in the Virgin Islands while Hillary kept campaigning in Pennsylvania -- or like his European sojourn, for that matter. It signals overconfidence, as if he could coast downhill to victory.

UPDATE: The New Republic's Michael Crowley compares the tropical vacation to John Kerry's ill-advised windsurfing.

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