Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama whines about 'issues'

"Just another liberal Democrat" -- if Team Maverick were smart, that's how they'd tag Obama. For all his talk of Change, and all the talk that he's being hit with racist "code," The One We've Been Waiting For seems to be reading from the standard playbook.

Now, he's recycling the old complaint that Republicans won't talk about "the real issues":
"If you think about this week, what they've been good at is distraction," he said during an expansive and quite humid early morning press conference [in
Florida]. "You've got statistics saying we lost another 50,000 jobs. That Florida is in recession for the first time in a decade and a half. And what was being talked about was Paris and Britney."
Who's been talking about Paris and Britney, Senator? The "Celeb" ad was about your opposition to new oil drilling, and high fuel costs are a major factor in the recession -- Florida's a tourism-dependent state and, at $4 a gallon, folks can't afford to drive to Disney World. So instead of whining about "distraction," why not just tell us again about your plan to fix the energy problem with tire gauges?

Better yet, Captain Planet, how about pandering to the locals by promising more tax money for the space program?

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