Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Headlines from Drudge

Totally random, OK?
Am I the only one thinking that maybe being a "tool of Big Oil" isn't so bad when being a "tool" puts you on the side of increased production that would drive down the price?

But this is just random coincidence ... and now Obama changes his mind about tapping the strategic oil reserve. How long before he endorses a gas-tax holiday?

Yeah, remember, when Team Obama said they were planning to send St. Hopey to Alaska? McCain +6 in Alaska. And remember when Team Obama insisted on disenfranchising Democrats in Florida? McCain +6 in Florida. North Carolina? McCain +4. Missouri? McCain +5.

These are all just isolated items, exhibiting no discernible pattern. It would be wrong to try to see them as remotely related in any way.

UPDATE: Now a "fact check" on Obama's accusation that Maverick's funded by those eeeevil guys at Big Oil. And Ed Morrissey points out, guess who has Big Oil guys as campaign-cash "bundlers"?

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