Friday, August 8, 2008

'Beer goggles' -- scientific proof!

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Center now has online "Sense and Sexuality," a new pamphlet by Dr. Miriam Grossman that will be distributed this fall at colleges and universities. The pamphlet is aimed at helping girls avoid the "hookup" culture on campus. Here's something interesting from the pamphlet:
Science has confirmed the existence of "beer goggles" . . .
In a British study, 80 college students rated photos of unfamiliar faces of men and women their age; alcohol consumption significantly raised the scores given to photos of the opposite sex. Drinking affects the nucleus accumbens, the area of the brain used to determine facial attractiveness. It’s probably one of several reasons that casual, high risk sex is often preceded by alcohol consumption. In the morning, you both look different.
Just in case you were wondering, I married a beautiful teetotaller. A near-sighted teetotaller, but a teetotaller.

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