Monday, August 25, 2008

'There are a lot of nutballs here'

So says Michelle Malkin, and she's not talking about the PJM Crew:
Federal authorities have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday afternoon amid reports that a fortunate traffic stop by Aurora Police may have disrupted an assassination attempt against Barack Obama.
KUSA-TV is reporting that two men have been arrested on weapons charges after the traffic stop early Sunday.
The first man, identified by the station as Tharin Gartrell, 28, was charged with suspicion of being a felon in possession of a weapon after police found two rifles, a high-powered scope and methamphetamine in his car after the traffic stop.
When police accompanied Gartrell to his hotel in Glendale, a second man jumped from a window and was injured in a four-story fall, according to the station. That man was then arrested, but has not been identified by police.
We're still waiting for Andrew Marcus to load the video of today's "nutball" incident when the 9/11 Truthers threatened Michelle. (Guess who's sitting about 10 feet from my left elbow? C'mon, guess.)

UPDATE: Just got word that there's a riot going on a few blocks from here. The Sheraton is reportedly under lockdown. The streets of Denver are crawling with cops in riot gear. Livecam.

UPDATE II: Reportedly seven arrests already in the riot. Zombie is on the scene.

UPDATE III: Charlie Martin just called in from the scene to report that he and Jim Hoft are watching "the world's most boring riot." They're getting video for Founding Bloggers. Charlie says the ratio is 12:6:1 of cops to media to protesters.

UPDATE IV: Jim Hoft has a report on the Truther/Malkin confrontation this afternoon.

UPDATE V: Michelle now has her own post, and links her favorite person named McCain.


  1. Greetings!

    How are you all? I am here to inform you of a insipiring video a colleague of mine has created to inspire more people to vote. I believe the issue is important, so I would like to share this video with you today.

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  2. Dear Other McCain:
    You were really good on the radio last night ... at least night was when the local station broadcast the Valentine show.
    I'll be watching your blog because you were entertaining there, but, I gotta tell you, the subject -- the Democrat convention -- is boring, and paying much attention to it is downright masochistic.
    Good luck.
    Michael Morrison