Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feel the burn, PUMAs!

New ad from Team Maverick:

Ed Morrissey:
Instead of just focusing on the injustice Hillary received, the ad makes it about Obama and his inability to deal with her criticisms. This calls into question Obama’s leadership and his ability to separate the personal from the job — as well as refloat all of the specific issues Hillary mentions in these clips.
Who predicted this?
Especially for those swing voters who voted for Hillary in the Democratic primaries, it may come as a brutal shock to learn that the former First Lady won’t be on the ticket in November. The shock will be amplified when those voters learn that Obama’s choice was the result of an ABC (”Anybody But Clinton”) process that excluded Hillary from serious consideration months earlier.
And now Crazy Cousin John's rubbing salt in those fresh wounds, just in time for Denver.

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