Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Gospel According to St. Eleanor

Eleanor Clift in Newsweek:
[V]oters think Obama would be better at handling the economy, and his relentless focus on middle-class tax cuts has insulated him from traditional Republican attacks on Democrats as tax-raisers.
The startling news in the bipartisan Battleground poll unveiled midweek by Lake and her Republican counterpart, Brian Nienaber, is McCain's 10 point lead among independents. The election outcome in November will likely hinge on that group, and they were supposed to be Obama's strong suit.
A few points:
  • No voter old enough to remember Bill Clinton's promise of middle-class tax cuts believes Obama's similar promise.
  • George Bush already gave the middle class huge tax cuts, including a refundable per-child tax credit.
  • Why is McCain's good standing with independents so "startling"? The man isn't called "Maverick" for nothing.
But Clift has been drinking the Kool-Aid ever since she gushed over the "surgical precision" of David Plouffe's Power Point presentation two months ago.

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