Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live blogging Hillary

At Chez VodkaPundit, where Stephen wagers that Hillary will repeat her Emily's List performance by failing to mention Barack Obama during her speech. I'm doubtful she'd diss the Messiah at the Pepsi Center.

UPDATE: Introduced by the Good Clinton, Chelsea.

Orange suit -- a bold choice.

Vodka says she looks like "a traffic cone."

"A proud supporter of Barack Obama" -- I should have taken Stephen's bet.

"You ... you ... you" -- it's all about affirming the listener's sense that they are important.

Her peroration included the phrase "faith in God" -- she is a Republican!

All in all, a good speech, and a reminder to Democrats they could have had a V-8. I think they may yet regret not nominating her.

UPDATE II: Stephen's full-blown liveblog is at PJM. Stephen says:
McCain mentions: One. Bush mentions: Many. The Dems are STILL running against Bush. Do they think he’s going to be around another four years if they don’t?
This is very much like what the Democrats did in 1988, when Dukakis essentially ran against Reagan -- and got his butt kicked. The problem for Republicans is that the economy now is more like 1992. But still, Bush in 2000 did not campaign against Clinton.

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