Monday, August 25, 2008

D-Day: Street scenes

The marquee of a Denver strip club.

Hope for sale!

A Catholic priest participates in a pro-life protest outside the Convention Center.
Activists with

Tonya Wheeler is an activist with the "Recovery Caucus."

A PETA activist protests outside the Convention Center.
Code Pink activists march to protest Nancy Pelosi.

DENVER — Sen. Barack Obama credits gay activists with making the Democratic Party "immeasurably stronger."
In a letter to the party's LGBT Caucus -- the acronym stands for Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/Transgender -- Obama said the group "will be crucial to bringing our Party together and sweeping us to victory on November 4th."
The letter was distributed at today’s meeting of the LGBT Caucus at the Denver Convention Center.
"Congratulations on being part of the largest LGBT Caucus delegation in Democratic National Convention history," Obama wrote. "I look forward to seeing the LGBT community turn out in record numbers to help create the changes we seek."
Read the whole thing. Right now I'm sitting outside the Capitol Bar at the Sheraton on 16th Street with VodkaPundit, who's living up to his nom de blog, having just ordered his second vodka rocks. He's about to head out to cover the attempt of activists to levitate the Denver Mint. I'll let you know if they succeed.

Just left the LGBT Caucus meeting at the Convention Center. Outside the caucus, a couple of guys were promoting their product, "Gay Republican Hypocrite" playing cards. The guy displayed the deck, and I saw that my friend Jeff Gannon is the six of spades. "Hey, I know that dude," I said, and they gave me a deck.

Whatever you say about these Democrats, they're all about entrepreneurial activity. Fourteenth Street in front of the Convention Center is a bazaar of Obama-related merchandise. I'll upload photos shortly, but I'm told Jose at PJM is screaming for content, and so I've got to write something.
PJM cameraman Andrew Marcus reports that the "Unofficial Blogger Total Access" credential actually works. "Nobody reads the fine print," Andrew says.


  1. Funny ... I distinctly remember the homosexual activists saying Obama would never get their votes.

    I guess the girls' got a right to change their minds.

  2. How does PETA expect to stop Global Warming by taxing meat? I don't understand how people think they can stop a natural event that's happening to the whole planet?