Friday, August 29, 2008

On the hotness of Sarah Palin

Over at the Aceosphere, some of the morons were discussing whether the customary leering AOSHQ comments about attractive women are appropriate when the attractive woman is (a) married, (b) a mother of five, and (c) the vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

I say: Go for it.

What better way to counter the MSM stereotype of conservatives as uptight, boring, sexless prudes than to celebrate the fact that the GOP running mate is totally hot?

Like Sarah Palin, my wife is 44, a pro-life Christian mother (six kids), and very attractive. My beloved wife is at the age when catcalls and whistles are more flattering than offensive, an affirmation that she's still got it.

So I'm thinking that Mrs. Palin won't really mind being acknowledged as a hottie, and her husband will probably find it flattering, too. OK with me. And, as Rusty's commenter Gordon says, "Don't forget there is an even shot that she will end up our CICILF."

If I were Team Maverick, I'd make sure that those swimsuit photos from the running mate's beauty-pageant career were "leaked" to the media ASAP.


UPDATE: Craig Ferguson: "Is it just me or do you get a kind of 'naughty librarian' vibe from the governor?"


  1. Is it wrong for me to want to see a pic of her wearing a "Drill Here, Drill Now" T-shirt?

  2. From pictures I've seen and the comments I've heard from our new VP nominee, I'm impressed.

    Now I want to see a picture of Gov. Sarah Palin in her swimsuit when she won "Miss Congeniality" in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant in 1984.

    Yeah, I think wombat-socho is being naughty, but a swimsuit pic of the guv ought to pass bluenose muster. How about it?


  3. Just for context for some readers who do not understand what teh terms mean.

    MILF is a modern culture term for:

    a Mother I would Love to F*ck

    I think originally was used in mass culture reference by the American Pie movies.

    Mean as a sexually suggestive compliment by younger men talking about an sexually attractive older woman

    VPILF is a take off on MILF implying that Sarah Palin is so attractive that as a VP candidate she would be considered a MILF or a very good looking older women by younger men who know what the term MILF means

    Besides some X rated sites, many younger men and women who have seen American Pie or hear the term among their friends know that a MILF is meant more broadly as a attractive older woman say older than 30 years old

  4. Isnt it sad that the destiny of the free world may be decided by the hotness of a woman?
    Its the Cleopatra fiasco all over again.