Sunday, July 6, 2008

Video: My 4th of July fireworks

A total of 3,145 aerial shots in a five-minute show:

One of our guests, Philip Sheffield, put together this video of the show at Darryl Brook's Camp FUBAR, beside the shores of Weiss Lake near Centre, Ala. That's Darryl you hear yelling, "Stacy McCain!" at the end of the show. The finale starts going about the 2:45 mark.

You can read my American Spectator article, "Confessions of a Pyro-Dad," to learn a little more about how I became addicted to fireworks. I'll update later with some photos of the pre-show preparations.

UPDATE: My sons Jefferson and Emerson pose with the show supplies the day before the show:

Bobby uses plastic zip ties to connect fuses on a mortar rack:

Me, connecting fuses on shells:

Aftermath: Next-day photo shows what the center finale station looked like after firing:
Notice the 178-shot "Z" cake at the upper left. This fires a zig-zag effect you can see in the video beginning about 3:20.


  1. Stacy, you're a genius.

    I can't wait till next year.

    Please start a Chip-In so I can start donating for next July 4th.

  2. ... by the rickets red glare...the home of the brave.
    America the best country in the world ; in the history of the world.

    an old exjarehead
    Cerritos, Cal