Wednesday, July 9, 2008

El presidente de la educación

Obama tells you how to raise your kids:

(Via Hot Air.) My 19-year-old daughter is in Argentina right now, completing her sophomore year of college in a full-immersion Spanish-language program.

This video shows Obama, the cosmopolitan snob, condemning Americans as a bunch of provincial rubes. And that he chose as his venue for this lecture McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Ga. -- one of the best schools in Georgia in an extremely affluent West Cobb community -- demonstrates his own cluelessness. (BTW, more than 40% of McEachern students are black.)

Victor Davis Hanson makes the point that the study of languages -- including Latin and Greek -- is inherent to classical education, whereas Obama has in the past supported minority-themed schools where "oppression studies" dominate the curriculum. And I rather doubt that in his career as a community organizer, Obama led any protests about the paucity of German and French classes in Chicago schools.

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