Monday, July 7, 2008

Old Obama, New Obama

Old Obama: More anti-war than Code Pink.

New Obama: Nuanced.

Jennifer Rubin notes the grumbling from the Left, including NPR's Mara Liasson:

I mean, Paul Krugman, who’s a liberal columnist, wrote this week, “Gee, is he a centrist just masquerading as someone who’s a transformational progressive figure or is he really the opposite?” You know, people just don’t know. He’s a blank slate. Because he’s so new, he is a kind of Rorschach test. . . . I mean, yes, he’s moved on the death penalty and on guns and on a whole host of other things. Iraq is the big enchilada here. And I think that’s why he had two press conferences in three hours.
"A kind of Rorschach test," indeed! You either believe in Obama the Magic Inkblot or you don't. If you have enough faith, the Magic Inkblot can do no wrong. But once you realize that the Inkblot isn't really magic . . .

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